10 Perfect

Album Review: Silent Planet – When the End Began

LOVERS, REJOICE. The prophetic metalcore quartet, the 2017 APMA Best Underground Band, Silent Planet, has released their long-awaited third album, When the End Began. The album, before all else, revea...[Read More]

8.3 Great

Album Review: Normandie – White Flag

The white flag has been a prevalent symbol throughout history. Though through the decades it has had a varied amount of meanings as to what it represents; anything from signaling the final lap of a ra...[Read More]

9.3 Amazing

Album Review: Polyphia – New Levels New Devils

Polyphia is a monolithic force in the progressive music world right now and no one can argue it, not even themselves. Their ironic self elevating social media posts mirror their larger than life music...[Read More]

9.4 Amazing

Album Review: Hail the Sun – Mental Knife

Can an album

8.6 Great

Album Review: Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Scream

O V E R V I E W When it comes to unique, previous outputs, metalcore outfit Ice Nine Kills crafted something truly fantastic with their previous album Every Trick in the Book. It was a concept album t...[Read More]

9.1 Amazing

Album Review: Fit For A King – Dark Skies

We’ve all had those days where we don’t want to wake up. The tumultuous trials of the world seem like the tallest of mountains to climb, and we just don’t have the required mental equipment. Depressio...[Read More]

Album Review: We Were Giants – The Declaration

The loss of a vocalist is something that can often times break a band. Losing such a key part of the group can be a tall order to overcome. This is not the case for Boise, Idaho metalcore act We Were ...[Read More]

Album Review: Skyharbor- Sunshine Dust

The New Delhi prog-rock sojourners of Skyharbor have just released their third album, Sunshine Dust. With a foundation of ingenious composition, an unceasing ability to shatter musical expectations, a...[Read More]

Album Review: Boston Manor – Welcome To The Neighbourhood

O V E R V I E W Genre classification and labeling is a necessary evil. By that, I mean it’s extremely helpful in guiding music purveyors to find sounds and styles that they like and it’s e...[Read More]

Album Review: WSTR – Identity Crisis

O V E R V I E W Before we start this off in earnest, let’s just get this single, seemingly uninspired thought of the way that’s become repeated ad-naseum as of late with “oh yay, cha...[Read More]

Album Review: Roseview – The Misery In Me

Passion is an incredibly strong and beautiful force. Although it derives from an insanely strong emotion, it can be the source of so many other things. It can instill ambition, it can open one’s mind ...[Read More]

Album Review: Villain of the Story – Ashes

It’s hard to branch out and go out on your own into the world, no matter what the situation. There’s a lot of unknown factors that could come up, and now you have no choice but to face it yourself. Be...[Read More]

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