Album Review: Northlane – Obsidian

Australian metalcore band Northlane, are back with their 6th studio album Obsidian. The success of previous album “Alien” and the stylistic change made on that, have helped make “Obsidian” a highly anticipated release. Thankfully “Obsidian” does not disappoint and ends up being one of the most compelling and memorable releases in the metalcore scene thus far this year. For those who are familiar with “Alien”, it should come as no surprise that the band leans heavier on the EDM and synth elements while still retaining the signature Northlane metal style that fans have come accustomed to. The EDM and dance elements on the album are featured much more heavily throughout this release. Often times they take center stage and are the main focus of many songs throughout the album.

Release: April 23rd, 2022

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While the band doesn’t completely ditch the metalcore sound, there is no doubt that this album has much more mainstream appeal. Looking back at their previous discography up until this album, the bands evolution seems like a steady and natural evolution.  There isn’t any songs or changes in sound on this record that are jarring or completely out of left field. The bands maturity when it comes to their song writing is evident throughout. One of the bands lead singles “Echo Chamber” is a prime example of the bands evolution. The song immediately hooks you in with its combination of guitar riffs and synths. The song is incredibly catchy and one that leaves a lasting impression.

Northlane – Carbonized [Official Music Video]

Northlane video for ‘Carbonized’ – From the 6th studio album ‘Obsidian’ due out April 22, 2022. Pre-order here: the …

Vocalist Marcus Bridge continues to show off his vocal versatility throughout the record with the highlight being the songs that are a departure from their traditional metalcore sound. Songs “Nova” and “Inamorata” are great examples of the band executing their “new” sound with prowess and maturity. Bridge continues to show his immeasurable talent as the bands vocalist. While the band has catapulted the synth and EDM elements to the forefront to their sound, there are still plenty of pounding riffs and djenty grooves to be found. The song “Obsidian” is a visceral and sonic beatdown and is a testament that the band still knows how to bring the heavy.

Overall Obsidian will likely be one of the standout releases of 2022. The band masterfully blend the electronic and EDM aspects with their metalcore sound. Where the band truly shines is when they completely leave behind the metalcore sound. All members of the band are firing on all cylinders and showcasing the passion they have for the band and its evolution in sound. This is a record with so much to enjoy, that it almost demands multiple listens. The album slightly loses its footing near the middle but it doesn’t last long and quickly regains its footing. Be sure to check out Northlane’s new record Obsidian, released independently and out now on where you stream/listen to music!

Northlane showcase their growth and maturity with their 6th album, Obsidian. It masterfully combines their traditional metalcore sound with the new EDM and synth sound that the band has been incorporating. The band truly shines when they venture into the EDM and melody sound. Northlane showcase a natural and mature evolution in terms of sound, making Obsidian a must listen for both new and old fans alike.
Vocals - 8
Instrumentation - 8
Originality - 9
Longevity - 8
Flow - 8
Production - 10
Composition - 9

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