Thornhill Will Bring To The World A Cinematic Musical Journey With Their New Album, Heroine

Australia’s epic, progressive metal outfit Thornhill are poised to unleash an entirely new chapter in their ever evolving sound and story with their upcoming album, Heroine. Setting the stage with the smooth, yet rough and tumble “Casanova”, the fans were left to wonder what this new version of Thornhill was all about. The second act brought us the haunting and beautiful “Arkangel”. An airy and ethereal track, yet with an underlying sense of terrifying uncertainty. And finally the panache, the glitz and glam of “Hollywood”. A tale of unforbidden love.

Thornhill hope to bring their music to masses with Heroine in a more broadened fashion. Art should never be subjected to only one avenue, and with this new album Thornhill will tell their tale through cinematic visuals and vivid storytelling, to fully immerse the listener into their world.

Honing in on previously uncharted territory, the group manages to keep that certain je ne sais quoi that set them apart from so many of their peers, while adapting genres such as alternative and rock into the fold. One could only imagine all that Heroine has in store.

The album is set to release on June 3rd, via UNFD.

Thornhill – Hollywood [Official Music Video]

Hollywood is taken from Thornhill’s new album Heroine, out June 3. Pre-orders launch on March 10 – Heroine – https://unfd…

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