Album Review: Chunk! No Captain Chunk – Gone Are The Good Days

User Rating: 7.6

After an indefinite hiatus, French easycore/pop punk group Chunk! No Captain Chunk are back with their new album Gone Are The Good Days. This record see’s the band continue on their path of growth and maturity soundwise and also highlights that the band still has quite a few tricks up their sleeve.

First track “Bitter” is the perfect opener for the album with the band quickly employing their tried and true formula of catchy pop punk choruses  and riffs blended with their more aggressive post hardcore side. The record is surprisingly varied with songs such as “Made for More” and “True Colors” encapsulating the classic Chunk! No Captain Chunk sound that long time fans have become accustomed to with the blend of catchiness and aggression. Songs like “Marigold” and “Complete You” highlight the bands growth and maturity as a band. Both songs lean heavily into a more infectious, pop rock sound that is sure to open up the band to wider audiences. Of course one of the highlights of the album is the guest vocals from The Dangerous Summer vocalist, AJ Perdomo and the captivating saxophone solo at the end.

Vocalist Bert Poncet continues to show off his impressive range with his aggressive, post hardcore screams to the buttery smooth singing and infectious choruses. The instrumentation on the album continues to be a highlight. Whether it be the punchy riffs, the fast paced pop punk instrumentation to seamless transitions to more aggressive, brutal breakdowns. The time off clearly helped the band come back with renewed vigor and energy. The band stays true to the sound that fans have come to love while also delving into more experimental sounds that will likely help the band reach bigger and wider audiences. Gone Are The Good Days prove to be one of the best comeback efforts of 2021 and show why Chunk! No Captain Chunk are still worthy of our time.


Genre: Easycore | Pop Punk

Label: Fearless Records

Connect: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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Vocals - 7
Instrumentation - 8
Originality - 7
Longevity - 7
Flow - 7
Production - 9
Composition - 8

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