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All things must come to an end. This is a sad (in most situations) inevitability that all people, places, and things must face. Absolutely nothing lasts forever. Had it with the clichés yet? I get it, but I’m merely attempting to drive the point home. Enjoying that sunshine up north on the dock? Fall’s wilting leaves and cool air are just around the corner. Laughing your ass off at that latest comedy that came out? Well, you’re nearing the final scene of the flick. That band that you dig so immensely calling it quits to move onto different avenues in life? Very, very sad. But these things happen. But ultimately, it’s HOW any said instance ends that really matters and leaves the grandest impact and legacy behind. This is precisely what Dream On Dreamer has decided must be done. After a career that’s reached over a decade, the group has decided to focus on their personal lives, and in turn to put take a step back from the public world of music. This is not a stretch to be scoffed at. In this time the band released five albums (including the upcoming release) and two EP’s along side a slew of singles and music videos. But as previously stated; sadly, all things must come to an end. But Dream On Dreamer have not decided to tap out quietly, yet rather go out with a most magnificent bang. When the group first announced their untimely demise, most fans were under the impression that they would be getting one final tour and that’s that. To nearly everyone’s surprise though, Dream On Dreamer had one final gift instore; an album. What If I Told You It Doesn’t Get Better would be the band’s swan song. One final album comprised of ten tracks. The title may hit a little close to home for fans who at the very least will miss the band immensely. Yet, a more than welcome surprise to end such a phenomenal career. With the album the group have put together songs which hit a more somber tone as always some of the most energetic tracks the public will hear since Loveless. No musical stone was left unturned when approaching this, their final gift to the fans as a band.

Genre: Post Hardcore | Rock | Alternative

Label: Dream On Dreamer

Release: April 10th, 2020

Connect: Facebook | Twitter

Purchase: iTunes | Google Play


To go back to my previous statement of no musical stone left unturned, that ultimately applies to basically every aspect of What If I Told You It Doesn’t Get Better in its entirety. The placement of songs seems so insignificant to everyday folk, probably to the point in which for most it doesn’t even cross their minds, and yet every single band MUST ponder this to give the album the proper flow. Now, mind you it is far from the only detail that helps create this, yet an integral one all the same. With the opening track you want to garner the listener’s attention immediately. Fire a thunderous ‘We’re here’ so to speak. Then after that you basically have some wiggle room to play right up until the final track. Now, that doesn’t mean you attempt in any shape or form to toss in a bunch of filler. I simply mean that whether the song is a banger or more of a heart string tug machine, you can have a little fun with the order of things. Personally, I feel the group did a great job with choosing that first song. This ended up being the first single, “Feel So Empty”. Admittedly, I don’t always LOVE when a band releases either an intro or outro track as singles as they are sometimes THE most important songs (if you will) on an entire album, but thankfully this song is just so damn catchy and brimming with energy that it ended up working out just fine. Bone chilling tones swiftly up-kick into a steady flow of instrumentals that are inclined to get the listener’s blood flowing right off the bat. In general, most songs on the album have the same general consistency as far as pace and overall feel, yet never sound samey or overplayed. The emotion and intensity of each track oozes perfectly into one another to set a perfect tone throughout. That vitality streams exquisitely right up until the final track, when Dream On Dreamer go down a different road. One of raw emotion and gut-wrenching sadness. On “Regrets” the band sets out to explain how they know we all go through hardships and face what we could feel to be far too much to bare, and yet they won’t let us face these trials and tribulations on our own. Regardless of the fact that it wasn’t necessarily the intended message, one could take it to mean that their music will always be there as an emotional support and guiding light.

This album will undoubtedly be something special in fans hearts for years to come for a multitude of reasons, yet mostly due to the fact that it was the group’s last. One thing that will stand out in people’s minds as well was the point that the band didn’t simply call it in, they actually gave it their all to leave us with something so special. This is an album of sing-along alternative rock and post hardcore jams, which in turn makes it a stellar go to when you feel like belting out a lyric or twenty. And the fact that it has so many memorable moments will help it be a mainstay in their catalogue and in your playlists in general.

Is this album the epitome of originality? Nope, it aint. But why does that seem to matter so damn much to so many? Listen, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. There is almost ZERO music out there these days that doesn’t sound slightly like something else or take notes from another bands tunage, and yet in the end what actually matters if it sounds like Dream On Dreamer (or any band that you’re listening to for that matter), and you thoroughly enjoy every moment of it. Originality is a word that’s hard to come by these days in any genre of music, but really folks, who gives a shit. I know I’m already on spin 200 or so of this album and I still enjoy each and every second.

Dream on Dreamer – Feel So Empty [Official Video]

‘Feel So Empty’ by Dream On Dreamer. (c) Preorder the new album ‘What If I Told You It Doesn’t Get Better’ Farewell Tour…


Cot dang the boys in Dream On Dreamer can sing. The dual vocals have been done more over than I can count in bands in the past decade plus, and yet these dudes do it better than most. Both Marcel Gadacz and Zachary Britt have an incredible range and massive skillset that helps to bring each and every tune to life. One of the greatest things about the duo as well is that they sound nothing alike. Far too many dual vocalists have such a similar tone that it’s hard to set them apart, yet with these lads there’s no confusing one for the other. Their singing both harmonizes perfectly yet stands out so astoundingly on their own. And for those of you that might be wondering…yes, there are some screams on What If I Told You It Doesn’t Get Better. In fact, the boys even poke fun at the nay sayers that have bitched and moaned about this in the past at the very beginning of “Explicit”. A fitting name as a stretch of lyrics consist of ‘FUCK! PICK IT UP! GET UP! GET OFF YOUR FEET! BLEGH! WHAT THE FUCK? SHUT THE FUCK UP! FUCK ME UP! I’M STILL TRYING TO FIND THE FUCKS TO USE TO GET…’. A tongue in cheek set of words to fit a tongue in cheek song. It hits hard, and both Marcel’s screams and Zachary cleans follow suit. But, to bring up the album closer once more, this is where Zachary truly shines. He’s always had a knack of emoting any sentiment simply through the tone of his voice, and through all the highs and lows of “Regrets” he pulls this off once again.

The instrumentals on this album fit the tone of each track in an exemplary fashion. Sad song? You bet your ass every single note and beat put out fits precisely that. Angry? You got it. The instruments feel as if they’re telling you to fuck off themselves. In “Spirit Is Moving” all instruments are kept to a hushed level to fall in line with the somber words that are sung, and yet when they need to drive the heartfelt impact home during the chorus all volumes and paces are ramped up to ten. “First Light” is a song about fighting through any inevitable tough goings you will face in life, knowing you’ll make it through and face yet another day. It’s nice to hear songs with such a positive message these days in any sort of core music, and even without words I truly believe this song with give off that impression even still. In these tumultuous times we all are facing right now, a song with this sound and this message is exactly what we all need. To the boys in Dream On Dreamer, I’d like to say thank you. It’s a song like this and others on this album that can help to put a smile on your fans faces even with all the uncertainty that’s out there.


One thing you have to hand the boys in Dream On Dreamer is their knack for writing well thought, emotionally driven lyrics and music that can make you do everything from bang your head to tap your feet. The composition on What If I Told You It Doesn’t Get Better follows this very same level of integrity. The band poured their hearts into this, their final release and it can be heard throughout the album. Whether it’s what you’re screaming out to all your unbelievers with the words from a song like “Explicit” or wearing your heart on your sleeve while crooning along to “Fade Away”, the words on this record show vehemence, empathy, and longing in such a magnificent way. Sure, the instrumentals may not be the most technical thing you’ve ever heard, but they are lacking in anything but passion and talent. This album showcases the natural drive and love this group has for their craft.

Everything on this album was done by the band themselves. EVERYTHING. It’s even self produced. Which I gotta tell ya, they have done a massively impressive job. Each note and harmony is so well received. From beginning to end this album is crisp and clean and lacks not one bit of production value. You will hear everything the group has intended for you to, and possibly even a little bit more.

Dream on Dreamer – Sentimental (OFFICIAL AUDIO STREAM)

‘Sentimental’ by Dream On Dreamer. (c) Pre-order the new album ‘What If I Told You It Doesn’t Get Better’ Farewell Tour …


It was a hard day for many to hear that Dream On Dreamer would be a band no longer. To have music from group in your life for over a decade is a long time indeed, and to never hear a new tune again can be a crushing fact. Yet, the band did not take the easy way out. They chose to give it their all one last time, and it paid off in spades. It is a cliché to say an album has a little bit of something for all types of fans, but I assure you that is exactly the case with What If I Told You It Doesn’t Get Better. The softer, more alternative tracks the group had progressed into in their later years, a heavy hitter or two to satiate the day one fans, and the softer and sadder tunes to complete the package. Anyone would be able to tell that the band did not want to go out with anything they couldn’t be remembered fondly for, and they’ve shown that they care for and appreciate their fans so greatly that they’ve given us one of their greatest masterpieces. What is so incredible too is that even through the ‘fuck you’ and ‘I’m hurt’ tracks, they’ve also given us the uplifting and empowered songs as well, which are always needed but even more so these days. The group will forever be remembered as a stalwart in the core world and they have forever left their mark on our still beating hearts. Farewell Dream On Dreamer and thank you for everything you’ve done over the years. You will be greatly missed.

Everything must come to an end, and sadly that includes the run of Dream On Dreamer. After over a decade of releasing emotionally driven, heartfelt music the band has ultimately called it quits. But they haven't left us without one final gift. What If I Told You It Doesn't Get Better is an extremely impactful and phenomenal swan song from a band that has given the fans their all right up until the very end. Farewell Dream On Dreamer.
Vocals - 9
Instrumentation - 8
Originality - 7
Longevity - 9
Flow - 9
Production - 10
Composition - 9

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