Lost In Separation Release New Music Video for “If There Is Love”

Photo Credit: Justin Hamra

Dallas metalcore outfit Lost In Separation have released the music video for their new single “If There Is Love”. The song is about overcoming a situation in which someone in a position of power used their power to take advantage of you. Following up on the band’s 2018 full length release, Sister Moon, the single is part one of three new songs to come from the band this year.

Vocalist, Garrett Parsa commented, “I’m excited for everyone to hear “If There Is Love” for the first time because it really shows how much we have grown since our last release. Lyrically the song is about overcoming abuse of power. So I hope that the message really resonates with people, and can help them through tougher times.”

Lost In Separation – If There Is Love (Official Video)

Lost In Separation “If There Is Love” single. Stream: https://orcd.co/itil Lyrics: These secrets are burning through my tongue I tried to swallow them all Like they’re the breath in my lungs “Just hold on” you begged of me Sew my bones to my skin I’m racing toward my end I don’t have to close my eyes To see what haunts me My mortal agony Taunting so endlessly Tie me to the stake I’m dreaming wide awake Have I lost my way?

What Are Your Thoughts!

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