Issues Release First New Song In 3 Years With “Tapping Out”

After taking some time off the road and to work on other things, Issues have returned with their first new song in 3 years in “Tapping Out”. Perfecting their signature cocktail of metallic groove, hip-hop phrasing, alternative echoes, and edgy pop appeal, the Atlanta outfit delivers an instant irresistible anthem in the form of “Tapping Out”. Singer Tyler Carter’s nimble delivery slips from R&B swagger into hard-hitting heaviness.

Speaking on “Tapping Out” the band said, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to finally release new music. Tapping Out is not only a highly anticipated drop for us, but lyrically highlights the struggles of trying to make something work time and time again. Eventually, you just want to tap out. Whether it’s in a relationship, with yourself, or even with a band!

Issues – Tapping Out

Get tickets and VIP to see Issues on tour all summer at Merchandise at Follow Issues on social media: @issues Stream/download “Tapping Out” here: All this bullshit got me in a headlock With the blame and the names that you call me And when you know you’re

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