Sink Or Swim Release Acoustic Single and Music Video

Photo Credit: Igor Miljkovic

Ahead of their shows with As It Is, Trash Boat, and Capstan, Swiss easycore band Sink or Swim have released their new single “Sunrays.”

The acoustic track is a departure from their usual heavy, pop punk sound, which fits nicely with the song’s theme of taking a step back and resetting yourself when you feel overwhelmed. The single is accompanied by a music video, showing the band taking some time off from the daily grind and just enjoying life.

The goal of the video was to really visualize the vibe and feeling of the song,” says vocalist Marc Signer. “We decided to just take a weekend and drive off to a distant place. We rented a loft there to shoot the main shots, but the essence of the video was the time we spent exploring that place and having a good time. We wanted the video be as authentic as possible and so just took a camera with us as we were travelling through.

SINK OR SWIM – Sunrays (Official Music Video)

Our new single SUNRAYS is out now! (Lyrics in comment section!)

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