Panic Division Announces New Album ‘Touch’

Always on the lookout to spread up and coming acts that people need to hear, Panic Division fits the criteria perfectly. After a 3 year binge of refining his sound and a thousand-yard-stare from his present and past, the man behind the project, Colton Holliday, is proud to announce the highly-anticipated release of Touch. Due out June 14, 2019, the 11-track album is the epitome of dreamy, atmospheric pop. You can check out the latest single and video for “Graveyards” before.

Holliday wrote, recorded and produced the entire record himself while working with Grammy nominated Taylor Larson for the mixing. On the first single, Holliday shares that the song is about that moment “when two people in a relationship can’t get past each other’s baggage, obsessing over the other’s secrets. It’s metaphorically told as if both people are in a graveyard digging up the others grave to see who’s hiding the most shit.” 

Panic Division – Graveyards

New Full Length Album Available June 14, 2019 Music video for Graveyards performed by Panic Division. Copyright (C) 2019 Panic Division.


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