Deadlights Battle Their Inner Demons With New Single “Bathed In Venom”

If there is one thread that ties every single human on this planet together, it is the raging voices inside our heads; the ones that loudly tell us what we are, and even louder still, tell us what we aren’t. Brisbane post-hardcore quartet Deadlights have never been ones to shy away from the analytical lens of the world around them, this time however the band has turned the lens inwards on their new single Bathed In Venom; using that lens to search for the strength to move forward.

Vocalist Dylan Davidson sums it up thusly. “Bathed In Venom is a song about defeating the inner voice that rings in everyone’s ears whispering negative things. The one saying ‘you’re not good enough’; making you question your art and ability. It’s about climbing out of a mental hole and taking an aggressive stand against that voice. Shouting in defiance ‘I’m taking control!’ That feeds right into the ethos Deadlights live by.”

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