Marina City Share Music Video for “Addicted”

Photo Credit: Penelope Martinez

Chicago-based indie pop outfit Marina City have shared the official music video for their single, “Addicted”. The song is about the dangers of contentment, and how it can be just as much of an addiction as constantly wanting more. “We associate being ‘content’ as being fulfilled, however, being ‘content’ can hinder us in finding something better,” vocalist Ryan Argast explains. “We trick ourselves into believing things are good. If something no longer makes you happy then get rid of it.

Marina City partnered with super producer Dino Zisis (Lady Gaga) to help reshape their sound, and “Addicted” is the first result. In working with Zisis, the band was free to explore their childhood influences of some of the world’s biggest musical icons like Prince & Queen, along with some of today’s most successful indie pop & R&B acts like The 1975, Foster The People, and The Weeknd. Now armed with an arsenal of new singles, Marina City have grown into their own distinctive sound – sexy, dark, dynamic, broke, beautiful, groovy, and ultimately nothing you can quite put your finger on.


Marina City is “how pop goes in 2019” (Dance Charts). The sextet opened the year with a sold out headliner, a support slot for COIN, and the release of the “groovy pop” single, Addicted. Getting raves from all over the world in Atwood Magazine, WGN, Dance Charts (DE) and countless others, the band has given writers and fans a breath of fresh air.

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