Glass Hands Release New Single “Reason to Stay”

Photo Credit: Joshua Mason Photography

Driven by powerful guitars, aggressive drum beats and poignant vocals, Indianapolis quintet Glass Hands have debuted their latest single “Reason to Stay.”

The technical yet ambient track stretches the limits of metalcore with raw punk energy that’s high on emotion. “Reason to Stay” is the first release since the band’s 2018 album Dive which helped them soar to over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

‘Reason to Stay’ was originally written for ‘Dive,’ but it wasn’t quite how we wanted it to sound before the album release,” says vocalist Adam Anderson. “We took some time, reworked it, changed some lyrics and now we think the track is something that stands on its own, apart from ‘Dive.’ It bridges the gap between ‘Dive’ and the newer sounds we’re working on for the next release.

“Reason to Stay” is themed around the concept of using mental illness as leverage in a relationship to gain attention and hold a partner hostage under threats of suicide. Either a painful life together, or death apart. Anderson explains “The song was hard to write because it’s personal to me, and it’s an experience I tried to block out of my mind years ago. It’s about wanting to help someone you love, but not being able to no matter how hard you try.

Glass Hands – Reason to Stay

Stream “Reason to Stay” from anywhere: Tour: Website: Merchandise: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Contact Us: Credits: Video by Conner Jones – Artwork by Velizar Ivanov – Lyrics: Until you face me, embrace me Holding broken bottles to your neck Every

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