The Beautiful Monument Sign to Greyscale Records + Release New Single “Deceiver”

The old adage “good things take time” always rings true in the end, and after having a close eye on the band since the launch of the label, Greyscale Records is proud to welcome Melbourne rock outfit The Beautiful Monument to the Greyscale Family, and share a taste of what the future holds for this young band.

Today The Beautiful Monument release “Deceiver” upon the world, a very personal track for vocalist Lizi Blanco as it explores her personal struggle with experiencing drug abuse within her home, and the effect it had on her and the people around her.

Even though it’s not the first time Lizi has spoken on the subject, from her point of view, there are some things in life that don’t ever get easier. “Writing Deceiver was hard… it’s like the sequel to our track Ashes off our first record, except instead of one sibling it’s now about the other; which almost made it harder to process. Especially when we’d been through this shit before, and all of a sudden however many years down the track it’s the same bullshit, just with the most unexpected person.” Coming out the other side of a negative experience however, Lizi reflects on the growth she personally experienced, knowing that’s a path she’ll never take herself “I guess it’s kinda bitter sweet. Strange silver lining if you will.”

In terms of joining Greyscale Records, the excitement is definitely mutual. “We’re beyond excited to be a part of the Greyscale family. It’s incredibly rewarding knowing that we’re part of an amazing team that has had our backs since we first started out and we couldn’t be happier.” And as for the future? It’s looking bright “The Beautiful Monument has always undergone a huge journey of growth both as musicians and performers. We’re excited to see how we will progress this year. More than anything we are glad to have bandmates and a team behind us who are all passionate about what we’re doing.”

The Beautiful Monument – Deceiver (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Dreambound ________________________________ Artist: The Beautiful Monument Song: Deceiver Album: Single (2019) Hometown: Melbourne, Australia Website: Stream Single: ________________________________ Label: Greyscale Records Website: ________________________________ Lyrics: A simple notion just to get us here I can’t deal with the fear of ever losing you Life’s full of chances and paths to take and in the end you create your fate What have we done to deserve this, to do this from the start?

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