Smoke Signals Premiere New Single “Seek The Light”

There isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t exposed to some form of marketing that shows us what the latest trends are, what’s “cool” or gives us a false reality of how we should act. While some brush off the notion that a tv show dictates how we should live in real life, others take that to the extreme and if one isn’t what society deems as “in,” then they deserved to be treated differently and as less of a human. This travesty of human behavior is what inspired the new heavy hitting track, “Seek The Light,” from Arkansas metalcore band, Smoke Signals.

Life can occasionally be like a cliche teen movie with cliques and sayings like, “you can’t sit with us.” That devastating mentality doesn’t just happen on the big screen, it happens on a daily basis and can have an immense affect on one’s mental health. “Seek The Light” was inspired by the outcasts of society and the realization that what makes us different, makes us special. The band opened up about the meaning behind the track, “This track is about the ones who are called the ‘outcasts’ of society. The ones who are treated poorly or judged simply because they are different, whether it be because of how they look, what job they have, their sexuality or even trivial things like what music they listen to or what brand of clothes they wear. Everyone has something inside of them that makes them great and separates them from the crowd and we should all seek that inside of ourselves. No one should feel like an outcast because of who they are, because at the end of the day, we are all just human.

Smoke Signals – Seek the Light 【Official Streaming Video 】

Smoke Signals – Seek the Light【Official Streaming Video 】 Merch: Spotify: Bandcamp: Facebook: Instagram:

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