Liberties Announce New EP ‘Broken’ + Drop Single/Video for “Crooked States”

Novacastrian hardcore outfit Liberties have announced their new EP Broken will be out April 5th and have dropped their new single/video for “Crooked States”.

Guitarist, Amy McIntosh, (who pull double duties on Guitar for The Beautiful Monument), said that this new EP, Broken, “…can be summed up with the word frustration. ‘Broken’ touches on topics ranging from personal tragedies, mental and physical fatigue all the way through to the current political climate both at home and abroad.

Vocalist Ciaran Colgan, says that the new single “Crooked States” “…is about our society – how the average person in told one thing while those in power are doing something completely opposite. I wanted to write something that shows what we have witnessed as a world economy over the last odd decade and ask the question, it this really what we are happy to let continue?

Liberties – Crooked States

From “BROKEN” EP – Available April 5 Spotify : Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : Email : ———————————————————————- Lyrics: Strange These nights alone You’re quite content, but know This life you’ve built up for yourself is slowly cracking now Crawl On broken bones Your ivory towers gone This life you’ve carved out of our souls in revolution No Did you think you’d endure stacking markets to steal from us all?

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