Blessing A Curse Announce New Album ‘Waste’ + Drop New Video

Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Brower

Orlando based metal outfit Blessing A Curse spent the better part of 2018 recording their newly announced sophomore album, Waste, which was produced by Stephan Hawkes (Attila, Jonny Craig, Chelsea Grin) at Interlace Audio in Portland, Oregon and will be released on March 29th, 2019 via Smartpunk Records. Vocalist, Josh Singer explains, “We really feel like this is the album that will resonate with people. Because it’s real. It’s raw. It’s heavy and It’s us. We can’t wait for everyone to hear what we have to say, and we have a lot to say.”

Off the album comes the title track, “Waste,” a song about letting yourself become engulfed in worries, stress, anxiety and tension and taking it out on others. Singer elaborates, “It is during those moments of weakness, a unique sense of clarity appears, to show you that through determination in the face of complete hopelessness and uncertainty one can surpass it all.” This is the ideology behind Waste. Singer continues,

Waste is the title track of our record and, like most title tracks, I feel it accurately sets the tone for the entire album. When I wrote these lyrics I had let myself become so consumed with all kinds of worries, anxiety, stress, tension, and envy and I took it out on people who didn’t deserve it. Some stayed, some of them walked out, others I pushed away, but when you get so close to achieving something you’ve wanted for your whole life only to watch it slip through your fingers, you don’t really care who leaves at that point. But even in the midst of all those negative emotions, I still knew deep down that I couldn’t let the people who wanted to see us fail win. And it’s that determination in the face of complete hopelessness and uncertainty that enabled this album to come to life.

Blessing A Curse – Waste (Official Music Video)

Purchase “WASTE” here: or on iTunes here: ————————————————————— Lyrics: Another day Wasting away ‘Cause nobody here’s got a fuckin’ sense of urgency Okay, leave it to me ‘Cause with a squad like this, who needs enemies?

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