Dearist Debut New Video for “Colours”

Wolverhampton, UK rockers Dearist are debuting their new video “Colours”, which lives on their sophomore album Sonder, out now via Spartan Records.

Lyrically, the track deals with a random and devastating event that shook the lives of front-man Adam Binder and his wife. Binder explains:

The lyrical content is quite dark, I don’t think I’ve spoken before about what this is about, but I will. Basically a few years ago I saw my then girlfriend (now wife) get hit by a car and I think about the things that happened that day often and how lucky she is. But its inspired by how she must have felt as she lay there in the road waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Its not specifically about her on that day, but more about anyone that has been through an experience like that.

Dearist – “Colours” (Official Music Video)

From the album “SONDER” out now on Spartan Records.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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