Currents Celebrate Release of ‘I Let The Devil In’ With New Video for “Forever Marked”

Connecticut metalcore outfit Currents have released their new EP I Let The Devil In today and in celebration, released the video for their latest single, “Forever Marked”. The new record follows the band’s acclaimed 2017 album, The Place I Feel Safest, and coincides with their current U.S. headline tour.

“‘Forever Marked’ is a song about the separation and degradation of society through human error & conflict. We’ve touched on this subject before, but we really wanted to capture violence and the feelings of aggression & urgency to accompany the message.” – Brian Wille

“Forever Marked” is one of 5 new songs that have been in the works for several years and are finally seeing fruition for a record that further demonstrates the band’s intensity and ability to craft incredible and dynamic music that’s both highly skilled and accessible.

We chose to do an EP so that we could take the liberty of stretching our sound out in a condensed fashion. We tried to make every song as different from one another as possible, while still maintaining one core vibe. These songs are meant to test our strengths and our limits, and we are very excited to hear all of your feedback; as it will potentially shape future music to come.” – Brian Wille

Currents – Forever Marked (Official Music Video)

Purchase, Stream “I Let The Devil In” here: Produced by: Ryan Leitru Subscribe: Cast into the flame. Dark horizons bridge the gap between Life and Loss. Through the windowpane, We behold the death of the gods. Pray for forgiveness, we have put the needs of the few on top again.

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