Coat Check Girl Share Deep New Single “Somebody Like You”

LA rock quartet Coat Check Girl have returned with their new single, “Somebody Like You”. The alt-pop track is about being stuck in your own head and realizing you need help.

Can you take this pressure off my chest? Can you dig inside and clean this mess?” asks vocalist Andre Rodriguez in the song’s opening lyrics. Replete with cloud-like synth, a carnal groove and straight-from-the-heart lyrics, “Somebody Like You” is a gorgeous anthem for those that are brave enough to admit they need a hand.

Somebody Like You by Coat Check Girl

Can you take this pressure off my chest, Can you dig inside and clean this mess? Seems like I don’t ever learn from my mistakes I don’t think I recognize myself, Do I even really know my name? There is nothing left for them to take.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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