badXchannels Releases Emotional New Song “I Wanna Be Alone”

Craig Owens’ badXchannels has released its newest track “I Wanna Be Alone” today, and it is available now on all music platforms. The song is the latest in a series of singles from badXchannels that sees Craig Owens experimenting with musical soundscapes that help push his songwriting ability into new realms, with this track taking influence from modern electronic and trap music.

With glistening keyboard swaths and trap inspired bass/percussion that ups its intensity as the track progresses, “I Wanna Be Alone’s” beat is sparse yet complex. All of this helps the song build up to its emotionally devastating chorus that sees Owens pleading for isolation.

When speaking about the new track, Craig Owens said “I have heavily related to the Charles Bukowski quote ‘People empty me. I have to get away to refill.’ To be frank, I just like to be alone, away from people, and it definitely gets to the point where it’s unhealthy at times. It’s something I have to keep tabs on, and be careful with

He continues by stating that “Like with any of my music, I hope that ‘I Wanna Be Alone’ helps me communicate with others, and, in return, be understood myself. Musically speaking, this song shows the evolution of what I’m doing, with a heavy emphasis on the nuances that drove me to the electronic side of music production in the first place. This song is simply the reflection of the world through my eyes right now

I WANNA BE ALONE by badXchannels

I Wanna Be Alone – badXchannels

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