Charlatan Return With Catchy New Track “Sucker Punch”

Utah-based scrap metal outfit, Charlatan, are back with the release of their brand new single, “Sucker Punch.” The track comes as the band’s first music since their debut album, Remarkable, which was released on Revival Recordings in April 2017.

When discussing the crazy story behind “Sucker Punch,” singer Grey Sorenson stated, “Sucker Punch is a twist on your basic ‘give a man a fish’ story, told through an experience I had the day before recording started. It involved a beer run, a prostitute in distress, a can of beans, Paulie, and myself. We saved a hooker, we opened the beans, we got the beer, but most importantly we looked like heroes for doing it. Open a sex worker’s beans she’ll eat for a day, but you can feed your ego for a lifetime. Give a sex worker a machete, now you’ve got yourself a Charlatan song. The real question is, if you do a good deed for a hooker and no one’s around to pay her, does she still call you a faggot? In this case, yes. And they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

Charlatan – Sucker Punch (Official Music Video)

Lyrics: It’s night out. Broken light outside the 7-11. Women looking for protection, Fucking armed with machetes And eating beans With a side of Spaghetti O’s While her child just wants some milk, But mom keeps those to her selfies. And the lights flashed. I ain’t saying nothin’.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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