Seaway Releases Music Video for Unreleased B-Side “Blur”

Photo Credit: Elliot Ingham

Canadian pop-punk band Seaway, who kicks off their “American Vacation Tour” tonight with Trophy Eyes and support acts Microwave, Can’t Swim and Hot Mulligan. In celebration of the North American winter excursion, the band has debuted a new music video for their unreleased b-side track “Blur.”

We wrote and recorded Blur at the same time we wrote and recorded Vacation, but when it came time to put everything together we just felt like it didn’t fit with the rest of the songs. However, this track freaking rocks…. so it only made sense to save it for a later release.

The song is basically just about dealing with the crazy ride of being away from home all the time and the toll that takes on you mentally. We love what we do and we know how lucky we are, but sometimes it’s easy to question everything and that’s what this is all about.” – Andrew Eichinger (guitar)

Seaway “Blur” Official Music Video

Spotify: Apple Music: Spotify Pop Punk Playlist: CD/Vinyl/Merch: Facebook: Twitter: Blur music video: Director & Editor Miguel Barbosa Creative Director Kamila Ćwiklińska Seaway Blur Lyrics: Is The Party Over?Where are my clothes? Where are my shoes? It’s all a blur in the morning. I medicate.

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