SharpTone Records Launches New Split Record Series + Announces Two New Signings

Thriving Los Angeles based independent label SharpTone Records has announced a new “Split Series” they will be rolling out on November 2nd. The Series will be released digitally every few months and will feature a collection of songs from emerging and established bands on their roster. The first release in the Series introduces fans to the label’s newly signed metal bands Kingsmen and ExitWounds with 4 ferocious tracks. You can purchase the record here.

In conjunction with today’s Split Series #1 release, Providence, RI based metal quintet Kingsmen has released a video for their new single, “Oppressor,” and Indianapolis metal group ExitWounds has debuted a video for their new song, “Hades.” Both tracks are featured on the upcoming split and their videos can be viewed now at the links below.

KINGSMEN – Oppressor (Official Music Video)

Purchase, Stream “Split Series #1” here: Subscribe: Oppressor, breaking hearts crushing souls with your words Backstabber, You’ve made me live with this pain for too long Naysayer, you’ve doubted every word and now my dreams are gone Murderer, you’ve killed all the feelings I had in my heart

ExitWounds – Hades (Official Music Video)

Purchase, Stream ‘Visions’ Subscribe: Solace for the unforgiven I was thrown away and condemned to hell But I’m still breathing Look who’s laughing now I want the answers Don’t pray for me, don’t pray for me ‘Cause you were always the worst one to follow I need honesty ’cause honestly This way of life has been leaving me hollow Throw the first stone And while you pray away and waste your days I will speak to your God and I will take his throne You belong to me, you belong to me.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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