The Comfort Release New Single “Die Alone”

In his characteristically eloquent way, The Comfort vocalist Liam Holmes sums up the feelings embedded into the new single “Die Alone” perfectly. “Die alone is about isolation and the thoughts that run through your mind when you’re feeling alone. Marcus wrote most of the music to this song and I came up with a lot of the words on the spot because the music just gave me such a strong feeling. I think the song just gives off this very particular vibe that you can zone into and that resulted in a really cohesive effort in which Dom could jump in and write on the same wave length lyrically, but then we all dove straight in and layered it with extra synths and leads. It came together quicker and smoother than almost every other track on the record.

The Comfort – Die Alone

Dreambound ________________________________ Artist: The Comfort Song: Die Alone Album: ‘What It Is To Be’ (out November 9th 2018) Hometown: Brisbane, Australia Website: Instagram: @thecomfortmusic Twitter: Album pre-order available at: ________________________________ Label: Greyscale Records Website: ________________________________ Lyrics: Tell me what you see when you look at me I’ve been dying to know If you think I’ve grown Tell me what you need, tell me what you believe Is there room to grow or will this wilt and blow away?

As with the lead single Dissolve, “Die Alone” delves deeper in The Comfort’s understanding of physical reality and where we fit in within the universe, and if there is something higher, trying to reach it or return to that state. The album will be released November 9th.

“Honestly, the response so far has been amazing.” exclaims bassist / vocalist Dom Harper. “Coming up to the announcement we were so nervous about what people would think of the general premise of ‘What It Is To Be’ and were genuinely worried people might not understand the questions were trying to ask ourselves. Instead, we were met with enthusiasm for something greater and so far, even our long time fans have jumped on board and we couldn’t be happier”

What Are Your Thoughts!

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