wars Announce New EP ‘As Within /// So Without’ + Release New Single “In A Mirror, Dimly”

wars have announced a brand new EP As Within /// So Without that will be released on January 25th, 2019 via A Wolf At Your Door Records. The band have also released a new single with “In A Mirror, Dimly”.

I think we can get very used to the worst things that go on inside our heads,” says vocalist Rob Vicars, musing on the track’s inspiration. “’In A Mirror, Dimly’ is a song about self-reflection, on living in the chaos of a disquieted mind, and on how the thoughts we grow so accustomed to on the inside, refract onto the world around us.”

This theme of the inner workings of the mind working in tandem with one’s outward reality is one which permeates all four tracks of the EP and its title refers to that very vein of thought. “‘As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…’ is a quote from Hermes, the Greek god of transitions and travel, Principle of Correspondence and is one of seven principles which make up a sort of guide to a more meaningful life,” Rob explains, in reference to the moniker. “Some of us come to live with this constant monologue in our minds, one that berates us, and tells us we are not good enough over and over till we barely hear it any more. And even though we may not recognise it, that tumult is reflected onto the things in front of us. When all we feel is hell, hell is all we see. In this idea may also lie the answer to the thankless task we all have of living inside ourselves.” 

As Within /// So Without marks the beginning of a new chapter for wars as they look towards the release of a second album later in 2019. This EP follows up the release of the band’s 2017 debut album We Are Islands, After All. In the time since its launch, they’ve been crafting something new, evolving and changing, ready for the next step.

wars | In A Mirror, Dimly

New Single ‘In A Mirror, Dimly’, Out Now! ***Lyrics*** I grind my teeth in my sleep Pulling at the seams. Unravelling; the outsides all turn in.

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