Memphis May Fire Announce New Album ‘Broken’ + Drop New Song “The Old Me”

Memphis May Fire have announced their new album Broken will be out November 16th via Rise Records. The band have also shared their new song, “The Old Me”, available below. Pre-orders are live here.

“‘The Old Me’ is about my struggle with anxiety and depression,” said singer Matty Mullins about the intensely personal song. “What feels like a war between good and evil, loathing the person I become mentally when it consumes me, and trying to remember what life was like before I lived with the symptoms. Ultimately hoping to one day become that person —’The Old Me’— again.

Memphis May Fire – The Old Me

Pre-order “Broken” Now – out 11/16/2018: Been thinking about the old me, cause I’ve been feeling empty I never used to be so dead inside I think I lost my memory I can’t remember care-free and all my days turn into fight or flight I wanna get back, tell me how to get back I wanna get back, tell me how to get back Say it again!

1. The Old Me
2. Watch Out
3. Sell My Soul
4. Who I Am
5. Heavy Is the Weight (feat. Andy Mineo)
6. Over It
7. Fool
8. Mark My Words
9. You & Me
10. Live Another Day

What Are Your Thoughts!

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