Just About Done Unveil 2nd Installment of Video Trilogy With “1029”

Melbourne pop punk quartet Just About Done have unveiled the second video single, “1029”, from their forthcoming EP I Am Getting By (out October 19th). Vocalist Samantha McGee reveals:

“Pronounced ‘ten twenty-nine’, it’s about a relationship going through a hard time. Without giving away too much, the lyrics portray a feeling of not even wanting to confront an issue because you are so exhausted by the situation. This song is punchy, fast and instrumentally huge. The accompanying video supports the lyrics of this song, but will not reveal the storyline yet – though it is crucial to the narrative. There are so many elements to this that even we find new details every time we watch it. Note: in this video, there is a couple. Yet in ‘Strain’ there is not. Why?”

1029 (Part two) – Just About Done

The official music video for Just About Done’s new single “1029,” off their new EP ‘I Am Getting By’ out 19th October. ————- Lyrics: I try hard to change the look on my face, that tells you that I’ve just had enough, and I don’t want to stay.

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