Album Review: We Were Giants – The Declaration

The loss of a vocalist is something that can often times break a band. Losing such a key part of the group can be a tall order to overcome. This is not the case for Boise, Idaho metalcore act We Were Giants. After losing their singer the band found a formidable replacement in Blake Davis and looked to their next endeavor, releasing their debut album The Declaration. We Were Giants are here to show that they are stronger than ever and ready to unleash The Declaration onto the world.

The Declaration is a 9 song album that has all the components that one looks for in a metalcore album: crushing breakdowns, guttural vocals and soaring choruses. New singer, Blake Davis is a welcome addition to the band as his vocal prowess helps cement this album as some of their catchiest material to date. The singing on the record is rhythmic and infectious and the choruses are exactly what any listener would hope for, for a perfect sing along. The screaming on the record is great, with vocalist Kenneth Logan Peel showcasing a variety of ranges from shrieking mids to bellowing lows. The two vocalists seamlessly work together to provide a vocal showing that is truly great.

Instrumentally We Were Giants keeps things varied and fresh with a multitude of riff styles and patterns which in turn helps to lay the foundation for the album and keeps the listener engaged throughout. The band doesn’t really stray too far from the metalcore genre yet finds ways to keep things from feeling stagnant or played out. Along with the varying  metalcore riffs there are your typical breakdowns found throughout the album. While the band is not necessarily breaking any new ground with this album, they are taking the proven formula and improving on it all while throwing their own twist on it.

It’s evident the band put a lot of thought and work into The Declaration and it shows throughout. Whether it be the infectious choruses, or the crunchy breakdowns, there is plenty to love about the album. Fans of metalcore shouldn’t let this album slip under their radar and its evident that there are big things to come from the band. Be sure to pick up the album digitally on September 10th via iTunes or any other digital providers.


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