Catch Fire Announce Debut Album ‘Karma Owes Me A Lifetime of Happiness’

Nottingham, UK Alternative four-piece Catch Fire are spicing things up with their announcement of their debut album, Karma Owes Me A Lifetime of Happiness, due out November 16th via Rude Records. The album follows the 2016 EP The Distance I Am From You and 2017’s Love That I Still Miss, which also released on Rude Records. These released fueled a formidable touring schedule for Catch Fire, with support to Sleep On It and appearances at Burn It Down Festival, Pop Punk Pile-Up, and MacMillan Fest.

The record, KOMALOH was produced by Bob Cooper and mixed by Seth Henderson and offers a refreshing sound to the band. The album was conceptualized when the band was trying to define and deal with a personification of the notion of Karma, or more importantly its absence. Drummer Ash Wain expanded by stating,

I have always struggled to believe in this idea that what goes around comes around, because for the most part all I see are bad things happening to good peoples. It’s a nice idea on paper, and I think that more than anything, it’s a way for people to deal with what comes next after we’re gone, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Catch Fire began writing the album back in July, 2017 and worked closely with Rude Records to formulate this notion. Off of the forthcoming record comes, two singles. The first is “Malignance”, a four-minute heartfelt anthem that touches upon the theme of expectation versus reality. Wain e

Malignance is one my favourite songs from the record. It’s one of the most progressive, intricate, and interesting songs musically and lyrically, which is why it had to be a single. Lyrically, this song deals with the idea of being on cloud nine, and how through Karma and being a good person, I feel I’ve earned a place there, but there’s no space for me. Seemingly everyone else is more deserving

Catch Fire – Malignance (Official Music Video)

Official music video for ‘Malignance’ by Catch Fire off their debut album, ‘Karma Owes Me A Lifetime Of Happiness’. ► Stream, download, grab ‘KOMALOH’: ► Follow Catch Fire on Spotify: Lyrics: So it begins, Misery wins. It’s not like I didn’t try to fight it.

The second is the abrasive and vulnerable “Petrifaction”.

Petrifaction was the first track we wrote for Karma Owes Me a Lifetime of Happiness, so it set the precedent for the record, stylistically. When Miles (vocals) played the opening riff, the rest of the song wrote itself really, and it fell into place quite naturally. We loved the swung feel, the grungy vibes, and we couldn’t wait to write more. Petrifaction’s lyrics specifically, are an attempt to reach out to Karma, as if I’ve been forgotten about, to ask why I am bereft of the good I am owed. It also hyperbolizes the idea of feeling that everything that I do, goes wrong” – Ash Wain

Petrifaction, by Catch Fire

Petrifaction by Rude Records, released 03 September 2018 I have an obsession. One unlike yours of your complexion, But there’s a blemish beneath my skull that I must conceal, Before it takes me in like a tidal wave, And I feel like everyone around me is sailing, Along the smoothest seas but I’m failing, To find a way to the shore.

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