Palatine Harbor Releases Influential New Track “Cane Lugubre”

As schools around the nation have just headed back into session, the nation is reminded of the horrendous events experienced with our children. The epidemic of school shootings has been an overwhelming fear and unfortunate situations that have been continuing to be on the rise. Cleveland based metalcore band, Palatine Harbor, is extremely proud to premiere their newest single, “Cane Lugubre,” that brings attention to the tragic circumstances our nation has been experiencing.

With stats of school shootings staggering every year and inciting fear into not only the children and parents, but also the nation as a whole. No one wants to turn on the news or open social media and see the latest headline of yet another devastating tragedy. Sending children to school should be an exciting and educational experience, not wondering if they’re going to be put in danger or even worse, never come home again. Palatine Harbor acknowledges how we need to make a change and work towards making schools safe again and wants to open up the discussion on how we as a whole can do that.

The chilling intro to the heavy hitting track, features news clips from previous school shootings that intensify the powerful opening lyrics, “There’s 6 feet down in the ground where more children fill the graves. There’s parents crying at the thought of bullets ricochet.” Showcasing not only their musicianship, Palatine Harbor shows they are not afraid to take a stand with their songwriting and use the undoubtedly important platform of music to bring awareness to issues in society.

While the conversation can lead to political differences, Palatine Harbor explained, “It is not about gun laws or the left from right but rather the safety and acknowledgement of innocence lost. Whatever political viewpoints one may have, it can be agreed that the youth are dying in havens of learning. Drawing attention to the mental health of The United States and discovering preventative and proactive solutions; Cane Lugubre is a clear message of a problem we as Americans face and dread annually.”

Palatine Harbor – Cane Lugubre

Lyrics: There’s 6 feet down in the ground where more children fill the graves There’s parents crying at the thought of bullets ricochet Hopelessly praying for someone to make a change But we’re too blind, ignorant in our ways And when the fire stops we take a second to reflect

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