Just About Done Announce New EP ‘I Am Getting By’

Aussie pop punk outfit Just About done are pleased to announce that their third EP entitled I Am Getting By will be self-released on 19th October 2018. With the title chosen to convey change, both personally and artistically, vocalist Samantha McGee explains: “The artwork represents this idea of change, which is portrayed throughout the EP and into the music videos. You’ll also notice that the medical cross on the nurse’s hat, is subtly extended into an inverted cross and this will be touched on in Part 3.

“Part 3?” I hear you ask! With this McGee refers to the video trilogy that compliments the EP, with the first “Strain”’ being available for consumption below. “Strain is about dwindling friendships. It was inspired by personal experiences, and the relief that comes after that person is out of your life,” McGee reveals of the track, before expanding on the overall intention: “As each video is released, a new aspect of the story is revealed, until Part 3 where the main theme becomes apparent and a new meaning to the narrative arises. Mind Society cleverly directed the videos so that the ideas represented compliment the lyrics, as well as the overall storyline. The first installment, Strain, portrays the diminishing friendship of a group of people, without explanation. It seems the main character is being irrational, but there is more to his past.

Strain (Part one) – Just About Done

The official music video for Just About Done’s new single “Strain,” off their new EP ‘I Am Getting By’ out 19th October. ————- Lyrics: Come to me with stories, Ignoring the mirror beside your head. Diffuse the reflection. It’s coming up again. Such a strain to be friends.

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