Hellogoodbye “Let It Burn” On New Track

“Death is nothing that I won’t overcome with life,” Forrest Kline sings on his latest track, a smooth mid-tempo ode to lettin’-that-shit-go called “Let It Burn”–– out today. Kline is the mastermind behind the eternally shapeshifting indie-pop band Hellogoodbye, who will release their long-awaited fourth  album, S’Only Natural, on October 5.

It’s been a long five years since Hellogoodbye has released any new music, but S’Only Natural proves it’s well worth the wait. Here, Forrest grooves forward with unassuming confidence, like Meryl Streep sauntering back up to the podium to grab her third Oscar of the night.

We focus too much on our identity, it’s especially poignant when I see the stories people tell themselves about themselves hurt themselves. I’m this way, I’m this sort of person, I’m in this club. When it empowers you; wield it delicately, when it restricts you; Burn it.” — Forrest Kline

A new song from S’Only Natural will be released each week leading up to the albums October 5th release date.

Let It Burn

Let It Burn, a song by Hellogoodbye on Spotify

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