Arlington Signs to Rise Records And Releases New Song “Mud”

Southern California band Arlington have announced they’ve joined the Rise Records roster. The bands debut album A Walk Through Jackson County is coming soon and today they’ve shared their new song and video for “Mud”.

The simple visuals allow the riffy, rootsy, and ultimately bluesy nature of the song to shine. If you dig The Strokes and Led Zeppelin as much as you do Jack White and Alabama Shakes, then you’ll find yourself magnetically drawn to Arlington. The band effortlessly meshes modern and classic sounds, all the while exploring darker lyrical themes. The result is an alt rock sound wholly its own.

The album is a representation of the way in which we take our classic influences in a new direction by perverting and twisting them in our own little way,Arlington said.

The members of the band have known one another since they were 15. In fact, vocalist/guitarist Tyler Benko and bassist/vocalist Channing Peake were in a different band together, with drummer Grant Whitson serving as their tour manager for a stint on Warped Tour. When that previous band split, Benko and Peake partnered with Whitson to form Arlington.

Arlington – Mud (Official Music Video)

Download, purchase & stream “Mud” here: Got no soul in the shell of a man And in our lives we just do what we can But there’ s no lust in these sheets And all eyes, they were rested on me Yeah they rested on me I’ve got mud

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