New Years Day Release “Disgust Me” Music Video

Photo Credit: Orie McGinness

Rock band New Years Day have released an ominous music video for their single, “Disgust Me”. In the dark coming-of-age visual narrative, an all-red haired Ash Costello is summoned to an abandoned house where she meets her alter ego, a gothic goddess who conjures the collide of both worlds.

‘Disgust Me’ is about seeing the side of someone that they tend to hide. Whether it be because they have deemed it undesirable or unattractive for whatever reason or out of fear of being judged as less than because of the dark sides they possess. ‘Disgust Me’ is asking the listener to not be afraid to show these parts because it just may bring you relief instead of sorrow,” Costello told Heavy Consequence. “I am asked a lot why I decided to dye my hair half red and half black, so I saw the ‘Disgust Me’ music video as an opportunity to give that a story of its own. The all-black-haired girl calling upon the dark spirits to show themselves, and the all-red-haired girl who’s been lost alone in the wilderness, coming together to make one whole person. To me it felt symbolic, like the two sides of me can both shine, the light and the dark.

New Years Day – Disgust Me (Official Music Video)

Get your copy of Diary of a Creep now: Directed and Edited by Orie McGinness of Enlighten Creative Studio #NewYearsDay #DisgustMe #Vevo

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