Youth Fountain Sign to Pure Noise Records + Release Self-Titled EP

Pasadena based record label Pure Noise Records have announced the signing of Vancouver emo-punk duo Youth Fountain, and released their self-titled EP today.

“We are incredibly excited and grateful to be a part of the Pure Noise family – This label has literally been a long time favourite of ours for quite some time, so we’re really looking forward to working with and building a strong connection with everyone over on the PN team and their fans.” – Youth Fountain

The twosome have also premiered a video for their brand-new single “Rose Coloured Glass.” Watch the video and purchase/stream the EP at the links below.

Youth Fountain “Rose Coloured Glass” Official Music Video

Website: Spotify: iTunes: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: “Rose Coloured Glass” lyrics Now that time has past I can see things through My hands untied my heart unglued You’ll find your place I’ll find mine too In another life, a different point of view I wish that I could have helped you I’m sorry that you didn’t want me to Oh, where have the months gone?

“The song “Rose Coloured Glass” mainly focuses around past relationships, how people can get so hung up on romanticizing impactful moments in life that a loved one was once a big part of. The lyrics touch on personal past experiences from said relationships – deriving from feelings of nostalgia, basically being able to look back on it all and coming to terms with the fact that maybe something that once seemed so perfect, in end truly wasn’t.” – Tyler Zanon

Youth Fountain

Youth Fountain, an album by Youth Fountain on Spotify

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