Time, the Valuator Release New Single “In Control”

After almost a year since their last single, Time, the Valuator is back with a vengeance: after having announced their distribution deal with Long Branch Records in Europe, a Summer tour, and an appearance at a few festivals such as High 5ive Fest and MoreCore, they’re now debuting their latest single, “In Control”, which features vocalist Nico of Breathe Atlantis. The album, which will be released via Long Branch Records in Europe, and Famined Records around the rest of the world, can be pre-ordered here.

If you’re a fan of Hands Like Houses, Periphery, Slaves or, honestly, anything as vocally driven and bouncy, you cannot miss out on this. Embark with the band on a video that will take you for quite the spin: from rocking out in an underground parking lot, to an eerily, dimly-lit room, the video will pull you in and give you the perfect visual representation of what the song is all about -more on that below. Furthermore, get ready for an amazing vocal duo, Phil and Nico, who, when they fire on all cylinders, will assault your ears till you’ll find yourself humming the song for days on end. There’s no better way to describe how catchy, powerful and chilling this track is, than to check it out for yourself below.

Phil (vocals) provided us with some thoughts on the song: “Having In Control finally out means a lot to us, we know how long we kept people waiting. The song deals with near death experiences through addiction and depression. But there’s always that one person, who’s able to pull you out of that, you need to let it happen. To anyone struggling with clinical depression or addiction, you know for a fact that you’re not alone. Turn to your family, open yourself up to your friends. Hell, message us if we’re able to help. Just don’t lock yourself up and succumb to this. You mean something.

Time, The Valuator – In Control (feat. Nico Schiesewitz) (Official Video)

Subscribe to our channel here: https://LBR.lnk.to/youtube The new single “In Control”, taken from the album “How Fleeting, How Fragile” out August 3rd, 2018 via Long Branch Records and Famined Records.

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