Of Misery Announce New EP ‘Black Noose’ + Release Title Track

Of Misery is Brisbane’s newest downtempo and bone-crushing heavy band. Today they are announcing the release of their debut EP Black Noose (out August 10th). The 5-piece brutal crew are celebrating this release with a first taste of the EP with the title track from the record, streaming now. Blending the aggression of deathcore and the emotion of hardcore, and dealing with subjects such as depression, anxiety, denial, bullying, and abuse – they are poised to be heavy music’s newest sound.

Charley Watson, vocalist for the band said that “Black Noose paints the emotional reality of our collective upbringing, from young adolescent teenagers to our current state. The songs in cover topics such as anxiety, depression, suicide, drug addiction, bullying and acceptance. In certain songs we make some relations to God, though we are not a religious band we like to make the topics that have happened in our lives relatable to all audiences no matter their situation or beliefs. The lyrical side to Black Noose is very dear to us, and in many cases personal. The title track from the EP especially relates to my childhood and tells the story of when I used to get bullied by the neighbourhood thug.

In making the overall tonality of Black Noose, we wanted to bring a dark, aggressively heavy and ambient touch to chug doom deathcore. We wanted each song to pack a punch of reality and emotion and be utterly mosh.

Of Misery – Black Noose – Single

You are listening to the title track off the debut EP ‘Black Noose’ – out now on all streaming/digital outlets.

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