Set Sights Announce New Album ‘The Heavy Alternative’ + Release New Video for “Planted”

Set Sights have announced their debut album, The Heavy Alternative will be out September 7th on Tragic Hero Records. In addition, the band have shared the music video for their single, “Planted”, which lives on the upcoming album. The new release addresses the need for self awareness and empathy through dark lyrics and deep cut realism.

“Planted” is about the acceptance of death within oneself with the wish that those who love you are able to help you break free and move forward without pain. In the video two masked men with faces hidden under hoods venture into a warehouse spray painting the Set Sights logo onto concrete walls. As stated by vocalist, Maro Abdelmola, “‘Planted’ is primarily about accepting fate openly, without fear of any beyond, and hoping the ones who stand with me can let go of me just as I let go of everything else.

SET SIGHTS – Planted (Official Visual)

Pre-Order “The Heavy Alternative” by SET SIGHTS -LYRICS- A concrete bed feels like such a familiar friend I’ve accepted the stillness, accepted the end I’ve dug myself deeper again and again An “eye for an eye” drove the steel to leave me blind A cry for help won’t break

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