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Upcoming musicians, and more so those that are independent, have an extremely tough time sticking out from the crowd. If you offer up a gimmick in your sound, people tend to either latch onto that and always expect it or vigorously hate on the sound for having one at all. If you stay in line with modern trends, well you’re just a copy cat and offer nothing new. There are other scenarios to compare it to, but no matter what way you slice it, it’s a tough aspect to break through. That’s why it’s not often that you stumble across an independent band that catches your attention right off the bat. Indianapolis metalcore act Glass Hands do just that. They pull you in right from the start and never let go, bringing a breath of fresh air to the metalcore scene with intricate riffs, impressive leads, infectious choruses and hard-hitting breakdowns, all of which are littered throughout their new album, Dive.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: June 29, 2017
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Let’s just be forthright here; Dive is a metalcore album that has it all. It has catchy, infectious choruses, punishing breakdowns and surprisingly varied riffs that help prevent it from ever sounding monotonous or generic. Vocally the album finds its stride early on and never lets up. The screaming on the album varies from shrieking mids to bellowing lows while the singing on the album is one of the highlights and helps cement the catchy choruses that are sure to have fans bellowing out the words. Based on that list, it checks the boxes that genre fans love, but it’s more than just going down a list and checking boxes. It’s also about execution, and Glass Hands nail that aspect as well.

Glass Hands – Part II

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Continuing on the execution part, there’s simplicity in technicality. The songs ebb and flow in a way that suits their style while letting some of the more intricate pieces ooze through. Due to this, Glass Hands stick out more than many of their peers as they take different approaches in regards to the overall composition and structure. It’s a case of not just relying on what you know, but exploring the unknown and while instrumentally the band still has the traditional chugs and breakdowns as most metalcore bands do, Glass Hands just offer more. They create music in an interesting way, whether it’s subtle piano moments or budding atmospheric soundscapes that add to the overall ambiance of the songs while ripping off killer, intricate riffs and strong leads that help each track forge its own identity without it ever sounding mundane or monotonous. Each member of the band is obviously talented and it shows throughout the record.

It’s becoming harder to find albums that can engage from beginning to end and Dive does exactly that. Glass Hands show how talented they are in all aspects of creating music, from the lyrics to the very final hi-hat. Simply put, Dive is a perfect combination of what the genre has set as a standard over the years with a massive dose of personal flavor from the people who created it, making something wholly unique and in 2018, finding any music that doesn’t necessarily feel familiar is a rarity to be had.

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