Album Review: Wind Walkers – The Lost Boys

There’s certain bands that always manage to pique your interest in ways you never expected. One such occurrence of this happening in my own personal experience was in 2016, when Massachusetts progressive hardcore / post hardcore outfit Wind Walkers made their splash onto the scene. With their debut album, The Shadow Thieves finally coming out after what felt like an extremely long wait, the band made an instant impact on not only myself, but many others as well. Fast forward two years and we are once again at the same point in time as the band are dropping their much anticipated debut album, The Lost Boys, and this time deliver a much more fulfilling dish that brings out all the stops fans knew the band was capable of.

[tw-toggle title=”Wind Walkers”]
Genre: Progressive Hardcore | Post Hardcore
Label: Independent
Release: June 21, 2018
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes

One of those immediate stops brought forth lies with the bands vocal prowess. The screams on the album show variety instead of falling in the pitfall of monotony that many bands of the heavier genres  fall into. To combat the harsh screams that vary from mids to lows, there are soaring choruses that reach all new heights. The singing on the album is unique, catchy and does more than enough to hold its own weight, throwing no lack of punches as well. The back and forth between the screaming and singing is praiseworthy and something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. The unique vocals help craft the bands own sound and twist on the genre without trying to hard to sound like any one band. Wind Walkers forge their own path and create a sound that is unique to themselves.

Wind Walkers – the end of my life was the beginning of yours

Wind Walkers: “the end of my life was the beginning of yours” Album: The Lost Boys Video Directed By: Alex Kouvatsos at BlackWolf Imaging Produced at: J&N Studios Lyrics: Left with questions Was it circumstantial? Or was it something that’s embedded within me?

Along with the vocal prowess displayed by the band are the fantastic instrumentals and background effects. The riffs on the album absolutely rip and find ways to break out into their own, giving depth and breadth to the overall sound, really helping out the albums uniqueness and providing longevity. Coupled with such distinct vocal back-and-forth moments and strong leads, there aren’t a plethora of bands out there currently offering up such a fascinating and captivating sound. There’s more to the overall sound than that of fantastic instrumentals however, as the backing effects are immaculate and shine through thanks to some strong mixing and solid production decisions.Ranging from piano keys, subtle, more melodic set-pieces and other electronic effects, they are the icing on the cake that brings everything together.

Overall, Wind Walkers have created something that is truly special and sure to make a splash in the scene. Whether its the hard hitting breakdowns, soaring choruses or catchy riffs, there is plenty to love about The Lost Boys. There is enough variety on the 11 track album that is sure to please new and old fans alike. They don’t pigeon hole themselves into one sound instead showcase a variety of sounds from post hardcore vibes to straight up metalcore, really showing off the entire spectrum of what hardcore music can offer and living up truly to the more progressive side of the genre. There is a lot to love about the band and this is a release that shouldn’t be passed up.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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