GOLDN Premieres New Track “Mama, I’m So Sorry”

GOLDN, the emerging artist on the precipice of something revolutionary, is giving fans a taste of his new project today. Premiering exclusively with LADYGUNN, “Mama, I’m So Sorry” tells the all-too familiar story of coping with heartbreak in all the wrong ways. On the track, GOLDN shares “This is a song about who I was during a period of heartbreak and my journey toward healing and finding myself. I wrote this song as a form of therapy. But it also gets me so hyped when I hear it and hope it does the same for others.

I’m trying to build, trying to be a voice for the culture, trying to affect the next generation. My goal is to be that rockstar of emotions. Going through life numb is a crazy, dangerous thing. I wanna create a safe space for my audience to be whoever they wanna be. Truly expressing the way you feel is the only way you find yourself.” For GOLDN, it’s all about starting a conversation, earning the audience’s trust, and then opening up a dialogue for completely free expression. He holds the keys to a whole new universe you haven’t seen yet.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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