Music For Nations Announces New Signing — Bury Tomorrow

Music For Nations, the legendary British heavy metal label responsible for discovering and releasing records by Metallica, Tool, Opeth, amongst others, previously announced that it has teamed up with SonyMusic Independent Network (SIN) to become an active frontline label for the first time in more than a decade, and for the first time with a dedicated U.S. presence.

The revitalized label is excited to bring fans a slate of new signings — first up is Bury Tomorrow with Black Flame, out July 13. It’s the band’s fifth album and first under the Music For Nations banner.

Other signings include Blanket and Astroid Boys — more details regarding these artists and their upcoming releases will be available soon.

By whatever measure you care to use, Bury Tomorrow are among modern British metal’s upper echelon. Long since established as one of the UK’s most successful heavy exports, the Hampshire quintet have performed on main stages at virtually every major European festival you care to name, racked up millions of YouTube views, scored two top 40 UK albums and sold tens of thousands of tickets to their incendiary live shows in the process. Shows which combine a passion, precision and uncompromising aggression that has become both a trademark and a badge of honor.

They have achieved all of this and much more not by following trends or jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon — but rather by sharpening to a diamond-cut point their brand of punishing, yet effortlessly melodic heaviness. The music speaks of a character that few bands of any genre could hope to match.

Indeed, it is this character, this unwavering spirit, that has earned them one of the most rabidly dedicated, dye-in-the-wool fanbases in the whole of rock music. A fanbase which has seen the band grow steadily across four pulverising records of unerring quality and ever-expanding ambition.

But something is about to change for Bury Tomorrow — the embers of steady growth are about to ignite into something much, much larger. The band pouring petrol on the blaze and starting an out and out inferno. Black Flame is here, and it’s a record, and a movement, that’s going to spread like wildfire.

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