Black Water Chemistry Announce New EP ‘Return To Ashes’

South Wales metal outfit Black Water Chemistry have announced their new EP, Return To Ashes will be self-released on August 31st. The band have also released the title track from the album, available below.

Black Water Chemistry have already been compared to such grunge pioneers as Soundgarden, to metal heavyweights such as Mastodon and Parkway Drive. The culmination of these sounds has allowed the quintet to utilize a blend of older disciplines, fused with more modern metal techniques and musings, to form an energetic yet aggressive style that provides something for everyone’s tastes.

The band have pulled out all the stops in crafting their new EP, Return To Ashes, and in doing so, the Welsh riff maestros have truly created something special, from the blistering and engulfing beatings of their future single, Oracles, through to the cinematic vibe and explosive vigour of the EP’s namesake. Producing such a statement of intent takes its time; lead guitarist and producer, Chris Saunders, comments about the new EP: “Our music has progressed a lot within the last couple of years and we needed to update the way we recorded it. This time we had more of a DIY approach than our first effort. Periphery was the biggest influence on the way we approached the production, musically they’re one of my favourite bands, and their production is killer.” 

Return To Ashes – Black Water Chemistry

Return To Ashes by Black Water Chemistry. From the Return To Ashes EP OUT 31.08.18 Facebook:- Twitter:-

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