Wars Release New Single + Video “Little Death”

Rugby-based wars are back and with a razor-sharp new single “Little Death”, which also heralds their signing to UK independent label A Wolf At Your Door Records. Rob Vicars from the band says that ‘Little Death’ “talks of the feeling of reaching the bedrock of yourself, going as low as you can go, and feeling like you’re losing a piece of yourself each time you get there. You oscillate madly between fighting the thoughts off and letting them consume you. The same two words in French form a phrase that means something quite different, but the juxtaposition is present because there is a part of us that needs to sink, that craves and even revels in dying those little deaths.”

Wars – Little Death

New single ‘Little Death’ out now! http://hyperurl.co/wars-littledeath Lyrics What am I waiting at this cliff face for Waiting to watch the rocks all fall Fray the rope, tear the bark Lose the pieces that keep away the dark And I’ve chased away the nights So many times Clutching onto life Through the aperture of crisis Day in, day out, I swim and sink I change my mind each time I blink Stacked against the odds we’re in…

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