Save Face Announce Debut Album ‘Merci’

New Jersey-based rock band Save Face have announced their debut album, Merci, will be out July 13th via Epitaph Records. The band have also shared their video for “Heartache”. With its artful use of colour and perspective, the video is shot from the bleary point-of-view of its protagonist, an element both beautiful and unsettling in effect.

With its catchy-yet-off-kilter and viscerally charged sound, Merci‘ is a concept album about an addict dealing with post-rehab relationship struggles and an eventual paranoia-fueled meltdown. Partly inspired by the theatricality of such bands as QueenMerci is driven by a dramatic tension that reflects Save Face’s mission of making emotionally complex, multi-faceted art.

“I think the biggest challenge is writing something that has merit in an artistic context while still being palatable and digestible for an average listener,” notes vocalist/guitarist Tyler Povanda, whose bandmates include guitarist Phil McGarry, bassist Chris Aveta, and drummer Chris Flannery. “I want someone to put these songs on while they’re having a great day the same way they can listen to it while going through a crisis.”

Save Face – “Heartache”

Content Warning: The imagery in this video contains the use of both subtle and, at times, drastic color/light movement. Those sensitive to sudden light-to-dark cuts and/or color/light motion may want to watch with caution.

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