Album Review: Sink the Ship – Persevere

Pop punk/easycore can be an excessively hard genre to stand out in. It seems that for most bands they tend to follow a very simplistic and standard formula. A continuous pattern, in which the chord progression alone feels as if it could be too easy, even for a beginner. The lyrical content can be at times a bit lackluster as well, as it usually centers around an emotion and a season…heart break in either summer, or winter. I know there are many who can find true beauty in simplicity, but even to them this monotonous continuation must become stale. It takes true intelligible writing, both lyrically and instrumentally, to break from this apparent conundrum that can plague the pop punk/easycore world from time to time. A band must strive to rise above the norm, to push their creativity to endless bounds while remaining true to the roots of the genre. To push past the traditional and become something better, regardless of potentially alienating what some may think the genre ‘really is’. Sink The Ship have done all that in spades with their forthcoming album, Persevere. Although this title has a much deeper meaning it’s almost ironic that, that’s exactly what Sink The Ship have done to set themselves apart from some of their pop punk/easycore counterparts. Persevere is so much more.

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Genre: Easycore | Metalcore | Pop Punk
Label: SharpTone Records
Release: April 27, 2018
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“Out Of Here” only helps to further the point. A track that has all of what makes the genre so great and fun, but contains so much more depth and impact. The song definitely speaks to the title of the album, in the sense that it pertains to an individual who’s doing everything they can to make a better life for themselves. They want to break free from all that holds them back, to bear down and go for broke in an attempt to achieve all that they want. Colton Ulery’s clean vocals are absolutely perfect for those moments that lean more towards the pop punk elements of the song, while his harsh growls and screams are so intense, it astounds one to think they’re coming from the same person. The song title is almost a little too perfect for both the overall meaning of the album, and for the sake that Sink The Ship is so much more than what one could normally define as pop punk/easycore.

An even truer ‘set them selves apart’ song comes with “Everything”. A blistering heavy hitter that features label mate Levi Benton of Miss May I fame. Straight away this song grand slams the heavy outta the park. An onslaught of ramped up instrumentals slaps you in the face almost immediately, only after a brief intro of a palm muted guitar. Colton Ulery screams bloody murder in perfect harmony with every instrument. The song is the epitome of an insanely melodic groove both with what’s played and sung. The rhythmic blast flows so insanely well, the listener is hard pressed to choose which motion they want to inadvertently follow; head bang or dance (super aggressively of course). The song tells a story of a couple who’s inner turmoil reflect in their relationship to some extremes. They both have their personal issues which in turn put strain on being together, yet can’t truly be with anyone else. An circumstance which begs aggressiveness in itself, the intensity of the music is paired perfectly. This couldn’t be more prevalent than in the second verse where both Colton and Levi unify their screams in such a way, it feels as if the walls could crumble down around you.

Sink The Ship – Everything Feat. Levi Benton (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Purchase, Stream “Persevere” here: LYRICS Sometimes I wonder how we’ve made it has far as we have. It’s certainly a burden and concerning how we’ve taken steps back. I’m sick and tired of you now. You’re sick and tired of me now. We’ve both got bad attitudes and trust issues.

At the heart of the band, it feels as if the main core of their music revolves around pop punk, yet a good chunk of Persevere hits more in the realm of metalcore. And they pull off this mash up of genres seamlessly. The sonically more aggressive songs are done so well that they eradicate any possible preconceived notions that a group like this couldn’t pull this off. “Put Up Or Shut Up” embodies this sentiment perfectly. Beginning with almost an electronicore feel with samples strategically placed over the guitars, bass, and drums the song swiftly kicks into high gear once the verse comes in. Fast paced, aggravated guitars and drums give the song a hardcore punk vibe, while Ulery’s screams soar over top, commanding the intended listener’s attention. We all know someone who talks a big game. Constantly says they’ll do certain things, or make idle threats behind ones back yet never produces more than empty words. This song is a shout out to those caitiff individuals. ‘Let’s go! You wanna man up? You’ve got something to say? Now fuckin’ tell me what’s up?!’. A perfect callout if there ever was one.

To persevere means to ‘continue in a course of action, even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success’. Seems like quite the daunting task, doesn’t it? Yet at some point in almost every single person’s life, there comes a time when it’s exactly what they must do. A career choice, a health issue, a relationships…we all have at least one moment where we must press on, regardless of what stands in our way if we really desire the best possible outcome. The overall feel to the sound of title track, “Persevere”, instills one with the ambition they’d need to do just that. Maybe due to the fact that the title of the album and song have possibly, subconsciously filled every inch of your being with a fiery push, but you absolutely can tangibly feel the definition of the word. The relentless hammer of the drum, the steady strum of the guitar, and Ulery’s persistent delivery all speak to this. The breakdown of this track alone, with it’s short albeit triumphant feeling solo once again speaks volumes to what perseverance truly feels like and means.

“Take This To Heart” brings back that classic pop punk feel. The whole song feels as if it should be played while cruising on the highway, on a warm and sunny day. The songs lyrical content could possibly be compared to “Out Of Here”, or at the very least it draws ever so slight comparisons. The desire to find something more. Find something better. The thought that possibly where you’re currently located in the world and those who live there are part of what’s holding you back. The chorus is almost anthemic in its delivery. So much so, that it’s assured that no matter who you are, you’ll be singing along. ‘We’ll light it up in flames and burn it down, just so all of you can see we’re leaving town. If you have something to say then scream it loud, because every day you’re time is running out’. These words when paired with the perfect harmonies of Ulery’s voice and the bands instrumentals can’t help but make anyone else believe they could do exactly the same. One of the most classically defined pop punk songs on Persevere, yet done in such a beautifully perfect way.

Sink The Ship – Domestic Dispute Feat. Bert Poncet (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

NEW SONG Domestic Dispute Feat. Bert Poncet Out Now on SharpTone Records – Get the song here – LYRICS When is it enough for you? I know you’d love to see me break. And everything we’ve been through. You’re watching every move I make.

Over many years there have been what feels like hundreds of thousands of different variations of pop punk/easycore. The continual stream of cookie cutter groups could have led some to believe that the genre would eventually hit the peak of what it could ever be, that any further groups would be completely complacent in this fact and never attempt something fresh. Luckily over the years bands such as A Day To Remember, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (of whom Bert Poncet features on Persevere as well!), and even their other label mates, Settle Your Scores have helped to pave way for other bands to set a new example of what the genre can be. Although Sink The Ship draw influences from some of these groups, they’ve done more than enough to set their sound apart and truly make a name for themselves. Persevere could almost be a mantra for the group in what they’ve had to do, and will continue to do, to be who they are. This album more than checks off all that makes a pop punk/easycore album great, and more.

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