Sink The Ship Release New Video for “Nail Biter”

Sink The Ship have debuted their new music video for “Nail Biter”, taken from their debut offering, Persevere, out now via SharpTone Records.

Colton Ulery (vocals) states: “This is my favourite song on the record, because it‘s so personal. I‘ve lived with depression and anxiety as far back as I can remember. To me there‘s like no rhyme or reason to it (the mental illness). My brain is just defective or something in the ‘happy department,’ haha.

I was questioning to myself whether or not I‘d write about mental health on this record. Then something compelled me to just put it all out there. I‘m glad I did. Mental health is such a big deal in this world, but it‘s one of those topics that humans, for whatever reason feel, that they need to bury within themselves.

We‘re all not okay. We all have problems. Accepting it is just the first step and from there, life if all about sorting yourself out and keeping yourself together.”

Sink The Ship – Nail Biter (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

From the album PERSEVERE – OUT NOW – Follow Sink The Ship LYRICS I used to lay awake at night and question what my purpose is. I’ve never had my fingernails. I’ve always been a nervous kid. I’m unhappy and I’m sure of it.

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