Fine Creatures Announce New EP ‘Electric La La Land’

Fine Creatures are excited to share their new track “Panthers”, aken from their debut EP Electric La La Land, due out June 29th via UK independent label XVII Music. “Panthers” is a summer anthem that will seduce you with its inviting, and winding melodies drawing you into the rocks like a Siren’s call.

Panthers is a dark song with a great energy that came together really fast and organically. The track is written from someone else’s perspective, which is a really inventive/inspiring way for us to write. Panthers is written from a girl’s perspective who is feeling really isolated and is searching for something to believe in. The song is about the conflict of trying to fit in and be yourself at the same time. The ‘like the Panthers’ line, is a description of the cool crowd/cliques that surround her. Panthers points to the insecurity that comes with trying to fit in, and how that negatively affects someone, but in the end, being yourself is much more freeing.” – James Hall


Panthers, an album by Fine Creatures on Spotify

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