Roseview Signs to Tragic Hero Records

Tragic Hero Records is excited to welcome Roseview to it’s family of artists. Emerging from the shores of Portland, Maine, the band lives by the “glass half full” mentality; try and be positive even if the circumstances surrounding you are not. It’s easy to be broken down by all the negativity in life; but you don’t have to let it define you. After seeing other bands’ success in working with the label, the band is thrilled to join the Tragic Hero roster.

Premiering the first single, “Leap” off of their debut album, The Misery In Me, coming later this year, Roseview portrays an unflinching take on self-reflection. Vocalist Duncan Cook shouts “I’ve dragged myself through hell and back. Now I’m the light, ripped from the black,” which makes us realize we’re the product of our own decisions and must live with the consequences. The band strives to create an environment for people to come together and find common ground within music.

ROSEVIEW – Leap (Official Stream)

The debut single “Leap” from Roseview’s new album “The Misery In Me” – coming 8/31/18 on Tragic Hero Records.

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