Album Review: A Perfect Circle – Eat the Elephant

Fourteen years is quite the long time. So much can change in a mere moment, let alone a span of time reaching well past a decade. Up until recently it had been fourteen long years since the world had last heard anything from one of the most unique and intricate super-groups, A Perfect Circle. After releasing their 2004 album, eMOTIVe, the group went on a hiatus and after many long years the public would begin to wonder if they’d ever get to experience that wondrous and ingenious form of progressive rock again. Regardless of the fact that there had been news of the members regrouping around 2008 to begin on new material, due to other commitments within the group, it wouldn’t be until 2017 that a new record would see any true legwork. With a wholly new and refreshed sense of direction, the amazing outfit would finally be able to release their fourth studio album, entitled Eat The Elephant. The album finds A Perfect Circle traversing on new musical grounds foreign to past releases. With elements unlike anything they have experimented with previously, Eat The Elephant promises to be the bands most experimental yet honed effort yet.

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Genre: Progressive Rock | Alternative Metal
Label: BMG
Release: April 20, 2018
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Our first taste of what A Perfect Circle had in store after all those many years would come with “The Doomed”. A perfect choice in the fact that it’s a track that may find the most in common with songs on their initial two albums. They harnessed much of what made so many fall in love with the group to begin with; Maynard James Keenan’s signature harmonious croons paired with his raspier, more aggressive approach of singing combined with Billy Howerdel and James Iha’s rock like, albeit more intricate and experimental approach to their guitar work. For a great added measure the song featured horns which only added to the overall epic feel and impact of the songs overall sound. As with past music, it truly felt as if the group had planned each and every second of the song, perfectly accentuating Keenan’s vocals with the sounds they were sung over. Keenan’s softer moments were met with keys and subtle drumming, while once the imminent raise of his voice began then so did the volume and intensity of the instrumentals to match. This song laid the foundation in which the band would use to announce their triumphant return.

A Perfect Circle – The Doomed [Official Video]

Music video by A Perfect Circle performing The Doomed [Official Video]. #APerfectCircle #TheDoomed #Vevo #Rock #VevoOfficial

It’s no secret that Maynard James Keenan has an insanely stellar voice. Whether singing/yelling in a higher and harshened delivery, or softly and smoothly conveying his tones, what he is capable of doing is almost unparalleled in music today. This could no be any more clear than on “By And Down The River”. The song begins with strings and piano played in a somber manner, yet still command their presence be felt. As Keenan begins to sing, the music being played behind is simply single stricken keys, perfectly placed as if to emphasize each and every word he wishes to deliver. A slower paced tune, it is not without its vehemence, portrayed through its oozing emotion both lyrically and instrumentally.

One of the most interestingly different tracks on the album would have to be “Delicious”. The song definitely borders a late 90’s, early 2000’s alternative rock feel, yet with an almost folksy vibe. The group perfectly pairs both electric and acoustic guitars over an almost bouncy feeling bass and drumming. The sound of the song has an almost upbeat feel, while the lyrical content speaks quite to the contrary. This song would have felt extremely out of place on any release from the group before, yet is undeniably who A Perfect Circle is today. While simplistic in nature, the song much like the members of the group is anything but.

“Feathers” is a track that will truly stand out to many among almost all other songs on Eat The Elephant. To even simply label it a ‘stand out track’ is barely giving it justice. Harrowing and haunting, yet beautiful and inspiring all at once. Every single aspect and detail in every single moment of this song truly embodies a pure simple complexity. The way in which every single instrument used from drums, to guitar, to the harmonious strings feel as if they tell a story even aside from Keenan’s entrancingly sung words. A solo perfectly performed by Billy Howerdel almost instills a sense of floating across the skies, much like a feather would. This song is perhaps the furthest from what anyone knew of A Perfect Circle before, and that what just might make it so incredible.

A Perfect Circle – Disillusioned [Official Video]

Order the new album Eat The Elephant feat. “Disillusioned,” “TalkTalk,” and “The Doomed” now, available 4/20 —- FOLLOW A PERFECT CIRCLE: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #APerfectCircle #Disillusioned #Vevo #Rock #VevoOfficial

Fourteen years absolutely is a long time, and no one could expect anything to stay the same as it once was. For fans looking to find the A Perfect Circle of old, perhaps another Mer De Noms or Thirteenth Step, be fair warned. Eat The Elephant is neither. One of the supposed reasons for the group taking what felt like to some like an excruciatingly long time to produce anything new was because of not knowing what direction to take the groups sound in. Eat The Elephant has all of the core ingredients which make up A Perfect Circle. A profoundly unique sense of creativity, avoiding any and all boundaries or preconceived notions of what the band should be, and words that consistently feel like poetry that must be heard. The world has rejoiced in the return of A Perfect Circle, and as long as they have the same open mindedness in listening as the group apparently did creating, then this will be a grand return indeed.

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